Youngblood GrassFed Farm, L.L.C.

Homestead Garden

Our Homestead Garden is aptly named as it was one of the gardens built and lovingly maintained by my late father, Burl Hedge.  He curated this piece of ground nestled among the trees and at the edge of the pond field to harbor the gardens for our homes and tables.  He grew an abundance of squash, tomatoes, corn, watermelons, gourds, okra, and peppers to harvest, can and sneak into the neighbors car! We eventually built a 7 foot fence around the garden to protect if from deer.  We continue to use this garden for a variety of produce.  We have experimented this year with a cool season cover crop of Elbon Rye, Hairy Vetch, Crimson clover and a radish.  These will die out in the summer leaving a layering of mulch mat.  Little weeding or hoeing is expected  with the bonus of building soil organic matter, beneficial bugs and organisims. 

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